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We're so excited to welcome you to The first Midlands Firework Festival - but we know you may have some questions, if any of your questions aren't answered below please email

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  • What is a Fireworks Festival?
    Just like a music festival has multiple acts, a firework festival has multiple displays. Ours has 4 incredible displays each choreographed carefully to music to create a pyro-musical. You can see an example of a Pyro-musical by Titanium here. You, the audience, will vote your favourite out of the first of the displays - each designed by one of the Designers of Titanium, all before the Grand Finale display which is a collaboration from all directors so is guaranteed to end with a bang (no pun intended...)
  • Are Fireworks bad for the environment?
    Titanium Fireworks consider their impact on the environment in all of their operations and the displays that they deliver. They always aim to have as little of an impact and footprint as possible, and where they do have an impact we fully offset it in UK based regeneration and offsetting projects. They have a full environmental policy document that is available that details how they have worked (and continue to improve) in areas of fully recycling their waste, using sustainable and ethical supply chains, eliminating the use of single use plastic in their chain of operations, and training all staff in environmental awareness. They use a bespoke piece of software to precisely calculate the environmental output of their shows.
  • How many displays will there be?
    There will be four incredible displays: A unique Daylight one, Enchanting Family Favourites, Cinematic Masterpieces and Greatest Hits.
  • Will I be able to see the fireworks... it's Summer?!
    Yes! Our daylight display utilises unique effects rarely seen in the UK, whilst the 3 others will be performed after sunset (approx. 20:45 onwards) and so will be able to be seen beautifully in the sky!
  • What is there to do?
    Throughout the day Guests can enjoy all that Statfold has to offer which includes unlimited train rides, Soft Play, street food vendors and much more! There will also be additional visiting attractions for all to enjoy. Meanwhile, to get everyone in the summer party spirit - there will be a live DJ to keep the adrenaline pumping in-between displays!
  • Is it loud?
    The fireworks will be accompanied by loud music. The music will be monitored as to not impact the surrounding area. The fireworks will obviously make the occasional bang, but we are far enough away from residencies as to have minimal impact on the local area. We strongly advise any guests who may be scared of loud noises, to wear ear defenders so they can still enjoy the sights.
  • Where is Statfold?
    Statfold just outside Tamworth on the Ashby Rd. It's approximately 5 minutes from Tamworth Town Centre, and 5 minutes from the M42 on Jct. 11.
  • Is everything included in the ticket price?
    We always aim to make our events as affordable as possible, so we will never put additional charges on activities that are pivotal to the event. However certain activities such as the Roller Disco, Climbing, Fairground and Food & Beverage outlets will be an additional extra.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Whilst Statfold is a dog-friendly site, due to the nature of the event we will not be accepting dogs on site.
  • Is it suitable for Children?
    Absolutely! There will be lots of entertainment for the children throughout the day, plus entertainment throughout the evening to keep the little ones engaged in-between the displays.
  • When can I arrive?
    Anytime from 11am onwards.
  • Can I camp?
    Absolutely! Please email for more information.
  • Is there public transport?
    Whilst there is no direct public transport link to Statfold, we are working on providing a free bus service - this will be confirmed in due course. Alternatively, we are just a short 5 minute drive from Tamworth Train Station so a very short taxi trip.
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